The Secret of Esaglia

by Cyaxares and Amelnakru

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A split small project between two Iraqi bands Cyaxares and Amelnakru, consisting of four "2 by 2" tracks.


releases July 4, 2020


all rights reserved



Cyaxares Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Cyaxares is an Oriental Metal Band From Kurdistan/Iraq, Since 2009

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Track Name: Cyaxares - Spirit of the Star
Come hither, O! Serpent queen of bane
To consummate our evil ways
Come hither, my concubine of shame
To mutilate the span of days

Enlil god of stroms to you i call
Across the ether it’s time i fall
Enki god of tides to you ‘s the soul
Along the ether it’s time we fall

Come hither, O! Lustrous lass of hate
Illuminate this dark of mine
Come hither, my restless jaded sane
To lacerate the veil of time

O! Legions of div
Accompany her through the sands
Until into myth she returns
I’ll be waiting in the temple of Baal

O! Lacerate ones
Accompany her through the stars
Until unto me she returns
I will join you in the temple of Baal
Track Name: Amelnakru - Ningirsu, Warrior of Enlil
den-lil lugal kur- -ra ab-ba. dig̃ir- -re-ne-ke inim gi-na-ni-ta dnin- g̃ir -su dšara-bi ki e-ne-sur
uš ensi ummaki-ke nam inim-ma diri- -še- e-ak

na-ru-a-bi i3-pad edin lagaški-še3 i3-g̃en

dnin-g̃ir su ur-sag den-lil2-la2-ke inim si-sa -ni-ta ummaki-da dam-ḫa-ra e-da-ak
inim den-lil-la-ta sa šu gal bi-šu SAḪAR.DU.TAKA-bi eden-na ki ba-ni-usu
Track Name: Cyaxares - Great Sun of Knowledge
I, the martyr god
The dark, The greatest sun of knowledge
I, the angel horned
The light to whom all pay their homage

I am forever falling
My name is ever calling
Ever descending into ether

I am forever roaming
Among the ever dying
Ever descending into ether

Before mouses i’m ‘ vagabond
Before christ i’m crucified
Before Qwraeesh i’m buried alive
Before Hussain i’m beheaded

I, the serpent king
The cold, the ever lasting aeon
I, the seraphim
The warm, the ever ruling icon
Track Name: Amelnakru - Mardukh, Light of Men
Mardukh, who throwest down the strong by his glance,
Lord of gods, light of men, who dost apportion destinies,
O Lord, Babylon is thy seat, Borsippa thy crown
The wide heavens are thy body....

Within thine arms thou takest the strong....
As thy glance thou grantest them grace,
Makest them see light to proclaim thy power
Turn thy face towards Esagila, thy temple

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