Whores Of Babylon

by Cyaxares

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Middle-Eastern Death Metal
Mesopotamian Death Metal


released March 21, 2014

Mir Shamal Hama-faraj



all rights reserved


Cyaxares Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Cyaxares is an Oriental Metal Band From Kurdistan/Iraq, Since 2009

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Track Name: Thy Winds In Coordinations Of My Sand Statues

There Came One Of The Seven Angels Which Had The Seven Vials
Saying Unto Me, Come Hither
I Will Shew Unto Thee The Judgment Of The Great Whore
That Sitteth Upon Many Waters

With Whom The Kings Of Earth Committed Fornication
The Inhabitants Of Earth Been Made Drunk
With The Wine Of Her Fornication

So He Carried Me Away, In The Spirit, Into The Wilderness.

I Saw A Woman Sit Upon A Scarlet Coloured Beast
Full Of Names Of Blasphemy, With Seven Heads And Ten Horns.

The Woman Was Arrayed In Purple And Scarlet
Decked With Gold And Pearls

With A Golden Bawl In Her Hand
Full Of Filth Of Her Fornication

Upon Her Forehead Was A Name, A Mystery!
Babylon The Great!

Mother Of Harlots, Abominations Of The Earth, The Whore Of Babylon.

I Saw The Woman Drunken With The Blood Of The Saints
With The Blood Of The Martyrs Of Jesus
Track Name: Temples Of Fire
O! Heavenly Ones

I Am Thy Orphan Child
Whom's Drinking Thy Fire
Sacred Faravahar
Offer The Aisle Of Sense
The Highest Anchor
For The Inner Tumult In Me
Ahura Mazda
Grant Order To This World

I'm The Thy Promised One
Of The Oath Of God To Thee
The Progeny Of Gods
Of Anu And Ishtar
Thine Beholden Son
Is To Enform The World
O! Ideal Ones
Grant Order To The Worlds

O! Temples Of Fire
Track Name: Shahnameh
Alif, Lam, Ra
Alif, Lam, Ra

As Joseph Said Unto His Father
O! My Father!
I Have Seen Eleven Planets
The Sun, The Moon
I Saw Them Prostrated Unto Me

O! My Son!
Relate Not Thy Visions To Thy Brothers
Or A Plan Against You Is Contrived
Satan! To Man! Is A Manifest Enemy
Track Name: Whores Of Babylon
Alas The Wasted Labour Of My Youth!
Alas The Hope Which Vain Hath Proved In Truth!
I Tunnelled Mountain Walls: Behold My Prize!
My Labour's Wasted: Here The Hardship Lies!

Beyond Death's Portals Shirin Shall I Greet,
So With One Leap I Hasten Death To Meet!
Thus His Mournful Tale To The World He Cried,
For Shirin Kissed The Ground And Kissing Died.

Aman! Aman!
Track Name: The Anunnaki
O! Ra!

Nile Falleth Of It's Horizons At Her Allusion, So Alluring
Ararat So Might Descenteth At The Ascent Of My Shirin
Rome Burneth Thus At Once I, Once Ogleth
Ishtar Doeth Wither At My Shirin's Heavenly Appearence
Nephthys A Pauper In My Heart For 'Tis Where She Is Dwelling
Track Name: The Horns Of Hattin
Dwelling, Thy Glares And Thy Speaking
Till Whereas My Euthanasia Thou'st Be Making
Shalt Embrace My Nature As A Divine Fire
Equivalent To Utter Hymns Of An Ethereal Choir
Track Name: Hours
The Gods Of The Absent Times Are Judging The Hours
The Surface Of My Ashen Sky Is Blooming Flowers

My Euphrates! Have Thee Forsaken Me From Thy Mercy
My Tigris! Cyaxares Is Who Who Is Forthcoming